Railinc’s TransmetriQ unit has announced a major advance in shipment tracking and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) services.

TransmetriQ’s Rail Management System (RMS) enables shippers to better manage their freight rail operations. The product combines customized, accurate, and near-real-time data with functionality such as electronic billing.

“We designed RMS to give rail shippers a one-stop shop to manage and analyze their rail operations,” says Mika Majapuro, Railinc vice president of product management and strategy. “With near-real-time visibility and fully customizable insights, RMS makes it easy for shippers to optimize their rail operations.”

RMS is the TMS built for rail shippers by rail experts. It is the result of intense development work by a cross-functional team consisting of product, technology, design, and data science experts. The intuitive RMS interface makes switching from other systems easy, allowing shippers to immediately incorporate the insights provided by RMS.

The TransmetriQ team worked with multiple shippers from various verticals to establish the essential elements for RMS, as well as to plan future upgrades.

“RMS will soon include rate and route optimization tools, a fleet management module, and further applications that heavily leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning,” says Majapuro. “Using artificial intelligence, RMS will suggest optimization opportunities for shippers rather than simply alerting to problems.”

As the most powerful, adaptive rail freight management system, RMS allows shippers to make more accurate decisions in real-time. It allows for more efficient freight management and simplified freight rail shipping with these key features:

  • personalized control that enables users to adapt RMS as needs change over time;
  • embedded industry-leading expertise;
  • comprehensive perspective, with a modular design that allows for data integration with other platforms; and
  • increased accuracy by leveraging Railinc’s direct connection with railroads to provide high-quality data, fast.