Video-based safety program and intelligence suite helps improve trucking fleet safety

Danbury, Conn. – Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey) today announced that its subsidiary Linden Bulk Transportation LLC has partnered with SmartDrive Systems, the trucking industry’s leader in video-based safety and transportation intelligence, to improve driver skills and positively impact safety.

The fully-managed SmartDrive® solution provides commercial trucking fleets with driver performance insights and analysis that help improve driving skills, lower operating costs and improve safety.

“This represents our continued commitment to safety,” said Michael Salz, COO, Linden Bulk Transportation. “Video is transforming the way fleets protect drivers and their businesses, and make the roads safer. Ultimately, the SmartDrive platform helps us identify specific driving skills that may require improvement so we can effectively mitigate risks.”

“With SmartDrive, we have video proof of what actually happened on the road, avoiding any discrepancies or inaccuracies. This is a key advantage in terms of our ability to protect our drivers in cases of incidents on the road,” added Salz. “This is a training tool that will help make our drivers and the general public safer. The cameras are only triggered by events, protecting drivers’ privacy while also capturing video when it’s needed most.”

“We’re proud to add Linden Bulk Transportation to the growing list of fleets that recognize the value of video-based safety for risk reduction and driver exoneration,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO, SmartDrive. “Linden is a recognized leader in fleet safety, and we’re confident other tank truck fleets will take notice of the company’s decision to embrace the benefits of advanced transportation intelligence to optimize operations.”