MSC's recent network outage affects only MSC’s Headquarters in Geneva.

MSC operates different IT systems to separate Headquarters from the Agencies network to ensure that in case of an issue can’t affect each other. In this case, the issue is limited to one of the data centers in Geneva effecting solely some internal data processes,, MyMSC and direct EDI for few customers.

MSC agencies worldwide continue to work as usual, all MSC departments, terminals and depots are serving customers regularly and cargo is flowing without interruptions.

According to MSC, significant progress has already been made to solve the network outage in Geneva and their team of experts continue to work tirelessly until they can confirm the outage is over. 

Booking platforms such as INTTRA and others remain functional. All bookings are managed securely and efficiently, and the issue affecting Geneva Headquarters poses no threat to parties doing business with MSC. Customers can continue to place bookings via email or phone as well.