Supply chain network design software innovator, Optilogic, is making true large-scale sensitivity analysis possible with Sensitivity at Scale, which runs hundreds or thousands of sensitivity scenarios in parallel with a single click.

This groundbreaking innovation in supply chain sensitivity analysis is available today in Optilogic Cosmic Frog, the only 100-percent SaaS-native supply chain design platform. Cosmic Frog leverages the power of the cloud to enable sensitivity analysis as a core part of the design workflow.

Sensitivity analysis is an important part of the supply chain design discipline, allowing users to understand how robust a scenario is when variables change. For example, sensitivity scenarios show the impact on financials, service, and risk for each supply chain design if transportation costs and customer demand fluctuates.

This critical element of supply chain design is cumbersome and often neglected due to limited processing power avalilable to test multiple scenario variations.

Cosmic Frog removes these barriers by enabling large-scale sensitivity analysis with a single click of the "Sensitivity at Scale" button.

Sensitivity scenarios are automatically created and then "hyper-scaled" on Optilogic's SaaS platform, running many hundreds or thousands of sensitivity scenarios in parallel.

Sensitivity at Scale is a stunning breakthrough in supply chain analytics: users can now view the entire solution landscape to pinpoint the exact tipping point of when and how to adjust their supply chain design strategy. This leads to more accurate and efficient design strategies that were previously unattainable.

"Until now, sensitivity analysis was limited and often simply not done due to limitations of desktop and 'half-SaaS' design solutions," said Optilogic CEO Don Hicks. "With Cosmic Frog, companies can rapidly design and test thousands of future-state supply chain scenarios to select the most robust designs to implement—creating more resilient supply chains and delivering shareholder value."