The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released its funding allocations for the Fiscal Year 2023 (FY2023) Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) awards which will be distributed to 40 port authorities along with numerous terminal operators, municipalities, and policing entities for enhancing and protecting critical port infrastructure.

Though port authorities did not receive the full amount requested, they did receive a markedly greater share of funding this year; $35.2 million, or over 35 percent of this year’s awards, compared to 30.5 percent last year. This follows an upward trend starting in FY2021.

"FEMA's Port Security Grant Program is a critical source of funds for ongoing efforts to harden and protect our nation's seaports from increasingly more sophisticated threats from bad actors," stated AAPA President and CEO Chris Connor. "AAPA thanks FEMA, Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Katie Britt (R-AL), and Representatives Dave Joyce (R-OH) and Henry Cuellar (D-TX) for prioritizing and supporting the security of our nation's seaport," referring to the relevant appropriators.

PSGP funds projects to help protect critical port infrastructure from terrorism, enhance maritime domain awareness, improve port-wide security risk management, and maintain or re-establish maritime security mitigation protocols that support port protection, recovery, and resiliency capabilities.

This year, FEMA gave priority consideration to projects enhancing protection against cyber vulnerability as well as the susceptibility of soft targets and crowded places.

Just last week, Duane Davis, who runs the Port Security Grant Program at FEMA spoke to AAPA’s Security Committee members at our Smart Ports Conference in Boston. As part of a robust discussion, he provided valuable insight on how best to take advantage of the Program’s preference for cybersecurity projects and FEMA’s implementation of the Build America, Buy America Act.

The following AAPA member ports received direct funding. Ports may also have received funding through their tenants, police and fire services, and state and local governments.

• Port of Long Beach – $2,722,875

• Port of Los Angeles – $2,093,901

• Port of San Diego – $1,977,000

• Port of Oakland – $663,000

• Port of Redwood City – $504,611

• Port of Stockton – $499,039

• PortMiami – $1,347,368

• Port Everglades – $1,170,810

• Port Tampa Bay – $505,450

• Georgia Ports Authority – $1,000,000

• Port of Guam – $124,779

• Port of Honolulu – $364,005

• Plaquemines Port – $2,304,825

• Port of New Orleans – $947,280

• Port of South Louisiana – $1,423,424

• St. Bernard Port and Harbor – $804,736

• Massport – $123,000

• North Carolina State Ports Authority – $1,230,492

• South Jersey Port Corporation – $139,814

• Port of Orange – $644,501

• Port Freeport – $529,500

• Port of Corpus Christi Authority – $2,312,500

• Port of Texas City – $108,908

• Port of Beaumont – $228,310

• Port of Port Arthur – $2,183,164

• Port of Virginia – $1,112,625

• Port of Everett - $86,227