The Port of Oakland in partnership with the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce held the first-ever Oakland environmental symposium yesterday. The event brought together maritime, aviation, commercial real estate, environmental, business, government and community leaders to collaborate on innovative zero-emissions solutions.

“We are dedicated to growing green businesses and creating green-collar jobs to meet the demands of a clean-energy future,” said Port Board President Barbara Leslie.

The event opened with a keynote by California Energy Commissioner Patty Monahan. She discussed the challenges to reach a zero-emissions goal and how to overcome the obstacles.

Zero emissions solutions are critical for everyone and every industry. To address climate change in a meaningful way, industries will have to implement innovative, yet practical, zero-emissions solutions. The event highlighted leaders like aviation expert, Elvis Ebikade, Ph.D. of Southwest Airlines, who is doing groundbreaking work on sustainable aviation fuels. Prologis’ Director of Project Development for Hubs, Les Garrison, spoke about how to bring more green businesses to Oakland.

Last year, the Port was awarded $119 million in funding from the California Port and Freight Infrastructure Program to expand zero-emissions operations while increasing goods movement capacity. This funding supported the conversion of cargo-handling equipment to electric and strengthened the Port’s shore power electrical infrastructure.

“I want to thank everybody who has a role in this ecosystem who was here today,” said Port of Oakland Chief Operating Officer Kristi McKenney. “It was about having all the parts and pieces for us to connect because as the port, we cannot deliver zero-emissions without all of you.”

The Port of Oakland is Everyone’s Port. Together with its vendors, local businesses, elected leaders, and other partners, the Port will continue to deepen its commitment to a zero-emissions future for everyone.