The Quonset Development Corporation anticipates that auto imports at the Port of Davisville will increase by as much as 25%, or 4,000 vehicles per month, as a result of the realignment of shipping traffic due to the collapse of the Key Bridge outside Baltimore Harbor. QDC Managing Director Steven J. King, P.E. said it was too soon to tell how long the increase might last.

King said Quonset was well-positioned to support the increase in cargo largely because of the infrastructure investments made over the years at the Business Park with the support of Gov. Dan McKee, the R.I. General Assembly and the state’s Congressional delegation.

“Our mantra at Quonset is that opportunity, plus preparedness, equals success,” he added. “Thanks to all our partners in the public and private sectors, we were well-prepared for this opportunity.”

Infrastructure investments are also essential to Quonset’s support of Rhode Island’s ambitious plans for offshore wind, as well. Some of Quonset’s infrastructure dates back several decades to Word War II.

King said that everyone at Quonset was mindful of the loss of life and the impact on those affected by the accident in Baltimore. “This was a terrible tragedy,” he added. “Everyone at Quonset is thinking about the families involved as they mourn the loss of their loved ones.