Project approvals required by March 31 VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Port of Vancouver USA Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 to provide notice to Vancouver Energy that its project must receive the necessary licenses, permits and approvals required to operate by March 31, 2018, or the lease will be terminated, per the lease amendment approved by the board in April 2016. Licenses, permits and approvals is one of the conditions precedent on which the lease was extended in April 2016. Since then the lease has extended automatically every three months. Today’s vote came after Commission President Eric LaBrant made a motion to direct CEO Julianna Marler to provide notice that the port elects to negate and nullify the next extension period such that the Conditions Precedent Outside Date (CPOD) remains March 31, 2018. The CPOD is the date by which both parties must be satisfied that conditions such as permits and environmental baseline work are met. Commissioner Don Orange seconded the motion, allowing the commission to hear public comment and discuss on the dais. Commissioner Jerry Oliver, who has long supported the project and the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) review process, shared his perspective and the reason for his vote. “I’m fully aware of EFSEC’s rejection and I see a way forward. I believe that when the decision on the oil terminal is behind us, in five years or ten years, the port will still be doing great things for the benefit of the community. “In the spirit of cooperation and for the benefit of the Port of Vancouver, I will support your motion,” Oliver said. “It’s gratifying to have our commission be united in its vision for the future of the port and community,” said Commission President Eric LaBrant. “We still await the Governor’s decision on the project and we continue to be focused on supporting businesses, growing jobs and providing benefit to our community.”