Ryanair Holdings Plc called for immediate action after illegal drone flying near Dublin airport caused disruption on three of four days over a bank holiday weekend, affecting thousands of travelers.

Flight operations at the airport were suspended for periods on Friday, Saturday and Monday due to drones spotted on the airfield, forcing several flights to be suspended, delayed, and diverted to other airports on the island. It is illegal for the public to fly drones within 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of Dublin airport, the Irish aviation hub said.

“It is unacceptable that thousands of passengers have now faced a third day of disruptions due to apparent drone activity at Dublin airport” a spokesperson for Ryanair said in a statement Monday evening. “We are yet again calling on Minister Eamon Ryan to confirm what action is being taken to protect the country’s main airport from repeated disruptions from illegal drone activity.”

The transport minister said Tuesday he was working with Dublin airport and police forces to ensure that to try and stop drone incidents. “Anyone doing it is subject to arrest,” he told journalists in Dublin.

Ministers will meet with representatives from Dublin Airport Authority, the Irish Aviation Authority, the Department of Justice and the police force this evening, the Department of Transport said in a statement. 

Illegal drone flying has caused disruption at European airports previously. In December 2019 incursions forced the closure of London’s Gatwick airport for 36 hours, disrupting travel for more than 120,000 people and prompting the UK to impose an exclusion zone around its runways.