The Oakland Board of Port Commissioners voted unanimously today to modify the airport's name to "San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport" from its current official name, the Metropolitan Oakland International Airport (OAK). This first reading vote is a step closer to the airport’s first name modification. The airport code OAK and visual brand will not change.

Port Commission President Barbara Leslie said, "We are standing up for Oakland and the East Bay; this will boost inbound travelers’ geographic awareness of the airport by highlighting the airport’s location on the San Francisco Bay.” She also said, “This name will make it clear that OAK is the closest major airport, for 4.1 million people, three national laboratories, the top public university in the country, and California’s Wine Country."

“I’m very pleased with today’s unanimous Board approval, especially as a proud Oaklander myself who wants to enhance economic activity and local jobs for Oakland,” said Danny Wan, Port of Oakland Executive Director. “We are grateful for the ongoing support of the East Bay business community, along with our trade and travel partners representing Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, and the Tri-Valley as well as the thousands of businesses that they represent. These companies know that having more choices and flight options are good for the entire Bay Area.”

Modifying the airport’s name is part of a broader effort to improve the passenger experience at OAK, including upgrading the Terminal 1 check-in lobby, restroom facilities, and providing new, local concessions and restaurants.

Once the Port Commission has given final approval to the name modification at a second reading scheduled for May 9, 2024, staff will move forward with the formal renaming, including working with air carriers, other airports, and local agencies to reflect the modification in airport and airline systems.