With more inventory delayed than ever before, shippers are scrambling to find solutions. A significant collaboration between Shifl, a digital freight forwarder, and Terminal49, a container and shipment tracking platform enhances data accessibility, providing the same level of visibility to all shippers, whether they ship 5 or 20,000 TEUs a year.

Shippers are struggling to navigate capacity shortages, port congestion, and reliability issues—all of which have become defining features of the current supply chain environment. This new collaboration brings shippers improved data accuracy and end-to-end visibility while keeping them in the loop at all times.

Terminal49 gathers comprehensive shipment and terminal data such as departure, arrival, vessel voyage, ETAs and container availability, gate-in, gate-out information, and milestones as they occur. 

The data from Terminal49’s ocean freight visibility platform is then integrated into Shifl’s technology-driven logistics operations. This allows Shifl users access to information pertaining to their shipments as events occur. It also enables Shifl to proactively engage with shippers and transportation companies at origin and destination to ensure that containers move in a timely manner within their cutoffs and last free days.

The collaboration also provides vessel data, allowing Shifl to display live shipment location as it moves through the ocean and ports.

This data powers Shifl’s platform around container milestones and what’s happening in the terminals. This unprecedented level of insight helps Shifl's customers proactively mitigate disruptions before they happen and provide all parties access to live data from the carriers, terminals, and AIS vessel tracking.

Data accuracy is ensured by cross-checking Shifl’s data against Terminal49’s carrier and terminal data—making erroneous information in any of the documents practically impossible.

“With vessels often sitting for weeks now waiting to dock, our platform allows customers to follow their shipment in real time, instantly be notified of ETA changes, and coordinate effectively,” says Shabsie Levy, CEO and Founder of Shifl.

“Terminal49 data gives us the ability to see live container movement at any point in time, and our customers now know immediately when their freight is gated in at origin, loaded and departed, and when its released, available for pickup, and gated out for delivery,” added Levy.

Akshay Dodeja, CEO of Terminal 49, says “We are excited to partner with Shabsie and the forward-looking Shifl team. Shifl understands the importance of providing accurate visibility to shippers so they can make their supply chains as efficient as possible. Using Terminal 49’s modern API, Shifl was able to integrate container tracking data across all ocean carriers and terminals into their system in just a few weeks.”