SMC3 ( announced that it is experiencing increased shipper and 3PL adoption of its industry-leading technology solutions. SMC3 sees especially strong freight technology growth in API services amid reports of industry headwinds.

“Some freight tech companies have recently stated that the freight technology business isn’t what it was a year ago,” said SMC³’s Chief Commercial Officer Brian Thompson. “We have had a surge in API transactions flowing through SMC3’s proprietary system—150% growth compared to this time last year—despite reported fluctuating freight tech industry conditions.”

SMC3 attributes its industry-defying growth to its application programming interface (API) services along with its forward-thinking strategy and focus on customer experience. As more transportation management systems (TMSs) and technology platforms make API services available to their clients, SMC3 continues to prevail by focusing on delivering best-in-class less-than-truckload (LTL) APIs that digitize the shipment cycle from quote through delivery.

“Shippers and Logistics Service Providers have a tremendous interest in digitally connecting with their provider, but they often require a partner that specializes in LTL data and technology to successfully make this transition. That is where SMC3excels,” said Thompson.

SMC3 contends that providers offering advanced technology products with solid and proven business strategies can remain in the freight tech industry for the long haul. For nearly 90 years, SMC3 has advanced the industry forward to provide a frictionless world for the movement of LTL freight. SMC3 is also one of the founding members and a proud supporter of the Digital LTL Council—comprised of carriers, logistics service providers, shippers, and technology providers—that strives to elevate the LTL industry.