TexAmericas Center announced that it has earned recognition as the No. 3 best industrial park in the U.S. by Business Facilities’ 20th Rankings Report. This is the fifth consecutive year TexAmericas Center has ranked in the top 10 and its second year as number three in the annual assessment of economic development leaders.

This year, the Business Facilities Industrial Parks’ ranking emphasized acreage size and prioritized locations excelling in strategic positioning, transportation infrastructure, and amenities. With industrial parks spanning from nearly 2,000 to over 100,000 acres, this year's top-ranked facilities illustrate a wide array of choices catering to companies of varying sizes.

While other industrial parks across the country saw changes in their ranking, TexAmericas Center retained its No. 3 position due to its introduction of the Qualified Sites Program (QSP). TexAmericas Center boasts over 2,200 acres of shovel-ready property of which four sites are now certified shovel-ready locations through the organization’s internal certification QSP process. These sites are inclusive of 656 acres. Other factors that enabled the retention of the third-place ranking include extensive third-party logistics (3PL) services, rail enhancements and relationships with higher education institutions like Texas A&M University – Texarkana, Texarkana College, and the University of Arkansas – Texarkana to develop a robust regional workforce. These features support TexAmericas Center’s focus on Speed-To-Market, Speed-To-Profit approach for tenants.

“We’re honored to maintain our ranking for two consecutive years. We pride ourselves on innovation and problem solving that facilitates a speed to market hard to match anywhere else. That, coupled with partnerships and Texas’ business-friendly environment and reputation, makes TexAmericas Center extremely attractive for business growth,” said Scott Norton, CEO and Executive Director at TexAmericas Center. “We’ll always strive to be the best industrial park to our current and future tenants and measure our success by their success.”

TexAmericas Center, which is entering its 28th anniversary of servicing job creation in the mid-south markets of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, is as a catalyst of economic investment in the Texarkana region.

Its 12,000 acres of development-ready land and 3.5 million square feet of space is fully entitled, providing potential tenants of specific industries options that would be difficult or cost-prohibitive to secure in other regions.

“We have land and capability to offer qualified development ready sites, built-to-suit options, logistics services and existing office and warehousing. TexAmericas Center is well positioned to fulfill our promise of Speed-To-Market and Speed-To-Profit for tenants,” Norton said.

During the past year, TexAmericas Center also began work on its rail infrastructure thanks to a $2.4M matching grant to replace and upgrade its locomotives, preparing the rail system to meet the needs of a variety of tenants and the region. The organization also began clearing and grubbing the Brazos Site, a 250-acre, rail-served QSP site for speed-to-market purposes to assist its prospects.

Currently, the industrial park has approximately 1.4M square feet occupied by owners, lessors, or 3PL contracts. This includes 49 corporate operations on the property, including 11 property owners, 32 renters and six TAC3PL customers. The growth in the number of companies on the property represents an 88 percent increase since 2014, while the amount of leased space has increased by 101 percent.

While TexAmericas Center boasts easy interstate, rail, fiber, and air access, it also has low rates for taxes, labor, electricity, natural gas, and fiber utilities. Additionally, a strong focus on building partnerships with the region’s leading educational institutions helped create a solid foundation of available skilled employees that make the region and its sites appealing to prospective businesses. These factors, coupled with the organization’s reputation as problem-solvers and its partnerships in mixed-use industrial development, led to the continued recognition as a top 10 industrial park in the U.S.

“We are much more than the typical industrial park. The support, guidance, and resources available through a partnership with TexAmericas Center are invaluable," Norton emphasized. "TexAmericas Center embodies a unique blend of municipality, economic development organization, and private industrial developer. Our commitment lies in perpetual growth, continuous enhancement, and ongoing innovation. These principles form the bedrock enabling our tenants to achieve accelerated profitability."

A diverse number of industries successfully operate from TexAmericas Center, including EV Battery manufacturing, defense-tactical wheeled and commercial vehicle remanufacturing, defense-weapons systems remanufacturing, small arms and ammunition manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, oil and gas pipe manufacturing, plastic pipe manufacturing, transloading, warehousing, and storage for multiple industries, railcar storage, construction companies, trucking companies, professional business services, dog food additive production, Vocational Training, and supplement manufacturing. The industrial park is a designated U.S. Opportunity Zone, Foreign Trade Zone, State of Texas Enterprise Zone and is New Market Tax Credits and EB5 Immigration Through Investment eligible.