In 2011, the Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoR) will give a once-only recovery rebate of 3% on the tariffs for sea and inland harbor dues. The rebate is intended to support the companies in their further recovery from the crisis and in this way to strengthen the competitive position of the port complex further. The agreements are valid for all sectors represented by the port employer’s organization Deltalinqs in the “market consultation process harbor dues’. In 2011, the sea and inland dues will rise with 1% as had been agreed by PoR and Deltalinqs in 2009. On balance, these tariffs will go down with 2% in 2011.

Hans Smits, CEO of PoR: “We had an agreement for two years, but after the consultation of the market, it is agreed to give extra support. The crisis rebate of last year is now followed by a recovery rebate to enable our customers to land as smooth as possible.” Wim van Sluis, Chairman of the employer’s organization Deltalinqs: “The port authority shows an open eye for the fact that the companies are still recovering from the enormous crisis and that the revenues are not yet at the old level.” The Association of Rotterdam Shipbrokers and Agents is satisfied as well with the compromise negotiated for 2010. Chairman Piet Hoogerwaard: “This general recovery rebate offers our customers the possibility to retain the improved results or to limit losses. It also contributes to the consolidation of the improved market share of the port of Rotterdam.”

Market Consultation
The adoption of the tariffs is the result of intensive consultation with the market sector(s), coordinated by Deltalinqs. Earlier, PoR and Deltalinqs have concluded a covenant on the way in which the annual adoption of the sea harbor dues will be decided. By means of this process of market consultation, the two organizations furfill the wish of the national government to realize self regulation in tariff matters

Harbor Dues
Sea harbor dues are one of the sources of income of the port authority and are paid by the shipping lines calling at Rotterdam. The dues cover the costs of the seaside connection and the vessel traffic management as well as the landside connection and other products and services. In 2009, PoR received € 274 million sea harbour dues.

Tariff adaptations harbour dues 2009-2011

Structural	Rebate	Net
2009	+1%	0%	+1
2010	+2%	-7%	-5%
2011	+1%	-3%	-2%

The structural adaptations, mainly based on the expected rate of inflation, are year on year and cumulative related to the structural amount of the previous year. The rebate is related to the tariff of ‘the year itself’.