Materials Services is systematically continuing its digitalization initiative: The materials distributor & services experts of the thyssenkrupp Group have digitalized their energy procurement of electricity and gas and can thus offer more services and greater transparency. Traditional energy procurement requires a great deal of experience and, above all, time for tenders and price comparisons. By cooperating with a specialized service provider, more than 350 customers for electricity and 200 jobs for natural gas can now be supplied digitally.

Dirk Lieske, Head of Energy Purchasing at thyssenkrupp Materials Trading: "By digitizing all data relevant to the energy industry from the Group, we are now in a position to issue tenders at short notice. By pooling all requirements, our small team has succeeded in achieving significant cost savings for the Group as a whole." In addition to the savings potential, digitalized purchasing offers further opportunities for thyssenkrupp's materials experts. What used to mean extensive research into suppliers and prices can now be viewed centrally on a single platform. "Our service provider enPORTAL offers us a transparent comparison with exchange-traded electricity and gas prices with the possibility of addressing over 600 audited energy suppliers digitally," says Lieske.