Turkish Ocean Carrier will integrate back office systems to industry logistics portal to support key customers’ E-commerce initiatives

GT Nexus announced that Turkon Line, an independent Turkish flag shipping line, will integrate its back office systems with the GT Nexus portal. This will technologically align Turkon with several major customers that are already using GT Nexus for global transportation e-commerce.

“Increasingly, our key customers are standardizing on the GT Nexus portal to take advantage of shipment automation with carriers and market-leading transportation and logistics management capabilities,” said Mustafa Merc, President at Turkon America. “We are committed to making sure those same customers get a superior experience through direct, two way data exchange between Turkon systems and the GT Nexus platform.”

“For carriers, technology has become a strategic differentiator in the eyes of the big shippers,” said GT Nexus president John Urban. “GT Nexus gives Turkon instant technical credibility with a community of customers that collectively spend billions of dollars in ocean freight each year.”

When a shipper selects GT Nexus as its logistics management platform, carriers have the opportunity to raise the level of partnership by supporting the system for processes including: managing contracts, shipment execution, shipment visibility, and freight payment.

“This is an example of Turkon aggressively working with our customers to meet their needs and grow together,” added Merc. “This expanded IT portfolio will also put us in position to capture new business going forward.”