Liner shipping company ZIM has announced an agreement with Hoopo Systems for the wide-scale deployment of tracking devices across its container fleet, having invested some US$5.5 million in Hoopo in 2022.

“We are delighted to witness the fruition of our investment in Hoopo’s unique technological solution,” said Eli Glickman, President, and CEO of ZIM.

“We are now ready to deploy their cutting-edge, durable, and cost-efficient tracking devices on a large scale. This deployment will significantly elevate our service levels, providing invaluable information to our customers while ensuring transparency and reliability.”

The hoopoSense Solar trackers will be installed on all of ZIM’s dry-van containers to deliver information including geofence alerts and open/close door notifications. The agreement was reached following the completion of a pilot testing project to assess how the technology would perform in fulfilling ZIM’s requirements.

“At Hoopo, we understand that dry container visibility is not only a fundamental operational and logistics need but also a critical market requirement,” said Ittay Hayut, CEO and Co-Founder of Hoopo.

“Our unwavering mission has been to engineer a tracking solution for the maritime industry that delivers the most reliable data and boasts an extended lifespan to equal a container lifetime. In our design, we have prioritized our commitment to innovation by embedding highly advanced technologies while ensuring seamless updates as new technologies emerge in the future.”

“Having ZIM as a strategic investor and a design partner reassured us that our solution provides a market-fit response to the industry’s evolving challenges and needs. We take pride in the agreement with ZIM, evidencing our offering of unparalleled value to our customers.”