Brandix: A case study of Sri Lankan garment manufacturing

Sri Lanka is basking in the glow of an economic luminance that followed decades of conflict. The country successfully emerged from a decades-long civil war in 2009 and a peaceful and democratic transition of governments early this year.
Supply chain calculus

Sourcing raw materials to feed the factories that produce the retail goods being purchased by the world’s consumer class requires a special supply chain calculus. This new numerology measures hidden costs, weighs the importance of distance and routes, while ultimately putting product in stores in the most cost-efficient and timely manner possible.

Pipe(line) dreams
Interview with Agility Project Logistics President & CEO Grant Wattman
Water works – pipeline projects for water transfer: engineering and financial challenge
“Blade Runner” system gives BNSF Logistics an edge to handling wind blades
China’s currency:  Beijing looks to drive a convertible

China’s currency, the renminbi or yuan has always been a subject of concern for trading partners. The tightly controlled currency rarely reflects the global give-and-take necessary for a truly convertible monetary unit of trade. But an experiment is taking place in Canada to loosen currency controls. Is Beijing kicking the tires on a new convertible?
BNSF Logistics looks to capitalize on “industrial renaissance”

Ray Greer, President of BNSF Logistics, is positioning the 3PL subsidiary of the rail company owned by Berkshire Hathaway to become a global leader in the project cargo sector. He wants BNSF Logistics to capitalize on the “industrial renaissance taking hold around the world.”

Hong Kong International Airport lifts value chain proposition
Bridge to prosperity

In 2016 the bridge linking Hong Kong with the Chinese city of Zhuhai in the Pearl River Delta region will be complete. The $10 billion bridge has been called “the bridge to China” a figurative as well as literal description. But above all Hong Kong hopes it is the bridge to a new prosperity as the region moves up the economic value chain.

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