U.S. ports should support more maritime education in schools

U.S. ports should do more to promote maritime education and industry career possibilities with schools and especially focus on elementary schools, according to retired Cal State Long Beach lecturer Laura Kovary.
Port of Oakland’s Wan urges stakeholders to lobby for port improvements

Port of Oakland Executive Director, Danny Wan, told maritime stakeholders that if they want improvements in the operations and upgrades in the infrastructure at the Port of Oakland, they must rekindle the energy and spirit that they exhibited in opposing the Oakland A’s ballpark and condominium project...
PMSA President McLaurin retires

The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) announced the retirement of its President, John McLaurin, today after 29 years of “dedicated service.”
Baltimore bridge collapse impacts I-95 shipping, rail, trucking and Port of Baltimore

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, after it was hit by a container ship, will disrupt shipping, rail, trucking, the Port of Baltimore, and the Mid-Atlantic region served by the I-95 highway corridor, according to one shipping executive.
Port of Richmond seeks upgrade and new business

The Northern California Port of Richmond plans investments to improve its infrastructure and enhance its car, bulk, and liquid bulk shipping businesses, according to Charles Gerard, Director, Port of Richmond...
Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals looks to source new cranes from Europe

Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals (RST), which provides feeder ship and inland waterway services from the Port of Rotterdam to European ports and terminals, says it is also looking to source new cranes from Europe, according to Cees van Pelt, Senior Project Manager and former Manager Technical Department at RST.
Port of Los Angeles’ Seroka says potential 2% to 5% cargo shift to West Coast

There could be between a 2% to 5% shift of cargoes from East and Gulf Coast ports to the West Coast, according to Eugene Seroka, Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles.
GSC announces its expansion at Port of Savannah

Oakland, California based GSC, one of the largest 3PLs in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, announced that it is expanding its services by opening an office at the Port of Savannah.
Cybersecurity initiative a “wake up call” for US ports

American Journal of Transportation’s California-based port correspondent Stas Margaronis in a recent video interview with the Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Eugene “Gene” Seroka addressed the cyber security challenges to US ports and specifically to the Port of Los Angeles.
U.S. Navy Secretary seeks Korean and Japanese investment in U.S. shipbuilding

U.S. Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro has been meeting with shipbuilders in Japan and Korea to encourage them to establish new shipbuilding operations in the United States.

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