IES announces financials focus

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Integrated accounting system essential to forwarder and broker operations

IES Ltd. recently announced strong focus among new Customs broker and international freight forwarder customers on hastening receivables and quantifying operations and service delays.

“IES has always offered a single system for operations and accounting and it is great to see that so many of our new customers recognize the advantage and are insisting on a complete logistics system that includes accounting. A single system not only eliminates data transfer errors, but potentially cumbersome processes such as agent net settlement, cost adjustment allocations and credit limit control are now seamless. IES Accounting supports the complex needs of this industry with complete foreign currency support, freight release control and operations visibility,” said Andrew Bullen, President of IES Ltd.

Customs house broker Carnisco International Express, Inc. located in Valley Stream NY rapidly discovered the demands of servicing the apparel industry and committed themselves to providing excellence, the latest in technological advances and the most comprehensive range of transportation and trade services. Staying abreast of industry changes and technological advances has meant constantly undergoing technological upgrades all the while maintaining the one-on-one relationship with their customers. Carnisco’s logistics automation research resulted in the selection of IES Customs Brokerage, Import Break Bulk, Accounting and Web Tracking. Without hiring additional accounting staff or spending weeks developing external spreadsheets, accurately measuring performance and maintaining high service standards will be effortless once IES is deployed.

Customs brokerage start-ups MSL Express Inc. of Jamaica NY and Arecco of Dunedin FL both needed a Customs house brokerage and accounting system that had a short implementation time and the capability to manage an entire business. After short evaluations and customer recommendations, IES was chosen. Automatically populating Customs charges including duty, tax and other fees on invoices will avoid human error and hasten receivables. One click ACH payment posting for all underlying entries will amount to significant time and effort savings considering one statement can have a hundred underlying entries each with its own payable.

Former customer All American Logistics located in Farmingdale NY is eager to replace their manual spreadsheet system with IES software. Using IES Accounting in conjunction with Ocean and Air Export will end a great deal of repetitive work and allow them to respond to customers more quickly. As a freight forwarder focusing on trade with Israel All American Logistics’ accounting department will be able to easily offset receivables against payables, automate multi-currency conversions, while operations can quickly process shipments using IES’ numerous tables including airports and Schedule B and available documents including Israeli Certificate of Origin.

Ovair Freight Services Inc., based in Inwood NY, and North Star Forwarding Solutions, based in Jacksonville FL, will implement IES operations and accounting system to automate their international trade business lines.


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