Grant Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at Farrow, shared, “We are delighted with our partnership. Here we have two organizations bringing forward a combined 200 years of industry experience and expertise, sharing common values that focus on employee and client centricity.”

"We are excited to partner with Farrow " said D.J. Powers CEO/ co-owner Rhett Willis. “This merger brings together two well-financed organizations with complementary resources, offices, and expertise in a world-class, global logistics organization. We have a dedicated, hard-working team at D.J. Powers, and a long-standing and fast-growing customer base, both of which have flourished for many years. Our partnership with Farrow will provide expanded career opportunities for our employees, allow us to continue providing great customer service to our clients, and also to give customers access to Farrow’s significant logistics resources, both asset-based facilities and global expertise, as a further complement to DJP’s resources. We are excited about our future together.”