Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI), veteran providers of freight management software for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) fleets, today announced the release of new automated Departure Reports that provide shippers and consignees with system generated notifications about freight status. One of the first customers to use the new functionality is Dohrn Transfer of Rock Island, IL.

“We obviously saw the benefit of carriers being able to let customers know shipment ETAs in real time,” said Ben Wiesen, president of CLI. “But Dohrn Transfer had a vision in the way they understood the power of the information and now use this reporting capability as a marketing tool to attract shippers. The value of knowing when your delivery is going to arrive makes a huge difference - and smart carriers like Dohrn get that.”

The Departure Reports are automatically generated and transmitted as soon as the delivery driver leaves a terminal to inform the customer that their freight is on the truck and provide an accurate delivery ETA. This opt-in visibility feature helps stakeholders prepare more effectively, simplifies workloads, and frees up time and manpower.

The new CLI Departure Reports can be delivered by email or text and include a live link for continued real-time tracking. Key information in the notifications includes:

· Departure time leaving the terminal

· Trailer number

· Shipper’s name

· Pallet count and weight

· Bill of Lading and Purchase Order numbers

· Accurate delivery time ETA

An accompanying Excel file allows users to click on a PRO number to see revised ETAs and a live map showing the driver’s current location.

Dohrn Transfer Company has enabled the private-label function of the new CLI capability. The results have been a reduced workload for customer service, and higher customer adoption of information, which was published on their secure website. Dohrn Departure Reports have made the last mile the most visible mile for their customers.

Dohrn Transfer Company, a unit of Pitt Ohio Transportation Group, offers complete-state LTL coverage in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin, partial-state coverage in Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota and South Dakota, and enhanced services between the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions from 21 terminals.

Carrier Logistics FACTS™ is the premier solution for meeting the unique transportation and freight management needs of asset-based LTL carriers and the last mile industry. FACTS includes online customer shipping tools, dispatch and driver management, a superior rate engine, cross dock management, and a full back-office suite that give transportation professionals the tools they need to operate cost-effectively while providing improved freight visibility to their customers.