Dispatch, the leading B2B last-mile delivery solution, announced the promotion of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Co-Founder Ryan Hanson to the role of president. This announcement comes as the direct result of Dispatch’s significant, sustained improvements in revenue growth, customer retention, product innovation and carbon footprint reduction for customers since its establishment in 2016.

“Ryan continues to serve as the instrumental leader of our customer recruitment and retention strategy, as well as in developing and advancing company strategy that includes providing exceptional customer experiences, leading strategic partnerships and positioning Dispatch as a leader in on-demand last-mile delivery,” said Dispatch CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Leone. “As co-founder of Dispatch, Ryan is constantly nurturing relationships and closing deals that empower Dispatch to help other companies grow when we grow.”

Dispatch is consulting with many of its current and future clients to ensure each is utilizing the best last-mile delivery cost saving measures that will drive the best ROI and help prepare for uncertain times ahead. To protect against business vulnerabilities, Dispatch’s Marketplace collects all order needs from clients. If Dispatch’s clients have capacity to deliver their own materials to the industrial job site, the client company will schedule and route deliveries through Dispatch Connect. If a client is unable to deliver its own materials, the request can be scheduled via the Marketplace for a Dispatch network driver to make the delivery during a designated time period.

“As a labor efficiency business, the goal of Dispatch is to become a one-stop shop for more industrial companies - especially those seeking logical solutions for fleet optimization and delivery management during economic downturns,” said Dispatch President and Co-Founder Ryan Hanson. “As Dispatch continues to produce increasingly smarter delivery solutions and advance last-mile efficiencies within the industrial vertical, we look forward to further defining specific standards for delivery fulfillment.”

Dispatch is well on its way to setting many standards within the last-mile delivery sector, as well as within business in general. Earlier this year, the company was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. with its placement on the annual Inc. 5000 list, announced in August. In July the company further expanded its services into New York and California, following its announcement in March about the completion of a $50 million Series C funding round led by PeakSpan Capital.

With the goal of requiring fewer vehicles on the road as a result of delivering more efficiently and reducing the carbon footprint for its customers, Dispatch is replacing traditional courier services by offering on-demand services, delivery management and smart integrations.