Geodis, the logistics partner of Maxi Sport, opens a new dedicated storage space at its Landriano warehouse in order to ensure end-to-end delivery for the sportswear retailer throughout Italy.

Geodis has been handling increasing volumes of both in- and outbound flows for Maxi Sport in Italy since 2012 in order to support its development.

This new storage space of 5,000 square meters located at the heart of the Landriano site fully meets the new storage location requirements of Maxi Sport. Landriano’s strategic location for Maxi Sport’s points of sale helps speed up deliveries to the retailers as well as to the end-users. Approximately one third of the 800,000 pieces of sportswear handled each year goes for e-commerce orders of the online site.

Furthermore, Geodis provides a more flexible supply chain management to Maxi Sport when it comes to ensure management of seasonal peaks.

"Supporting the business of a leading customer like Maxi Sport drove us, once again, to search for new end-to-end solutions, especially in this sector where the care for the final product and smart logistics management are key elements” - says Francesco Cazzaniga, Contract Logistics Managing Director for Geodis in Italy.

“Maxi Sport is a fast- growing and evolving company” – explains Ester Sala, Head of Marketing & E-Commerce at Maxi Sport - “Our most important demand is swiftness throughout the supply chain, from the choice of the product to the delivery to the final customer. This is the reason why the partnership with Geodis is so successful, as they grant us high-level quality and yet flexible services.”