Company helps ensure Transafe’s fleet customers are prepared and compliant with federal motor carrier safety administration mandate HOUSTON ... NOVEMBER 8, 2017 ... Gorilla Safety, provider of an innovative, proprietary and patented software solution that fully automates all aspects of fleet and safety management, announced today it has entered into an agreement with Transafe, Inc., a privately-held consulting company that helps fleet and trucking businesses navigate and address complex and constantly evolving Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Under the agreement, Houston-based Transafe will resell Gorilla Safety’s advanced, innovative Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution to its customers, which span more than 1,000 transportation-related entities. Based on Transafe’s consulting work with companies regarding DOT fleet compliance, the company will become a reseller of Gorilla Safety’s PRIME8 ELD as well as its advanced fleet management solutions, FLEET XPRESS and FLEET XTREME. With these products, fleets can automate processes never before as FLEET XPRESS is a thorough system that fits most trucking fleets’ needs with its fuel consumption reports, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports, daily documents and company summary. It also provides Driver Vechicle Inspection Report (DVIR) and Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection features for the driver's app along with a fuel tracker and daily documents. FLEET XTREME provides fleets with a complete, integrated, patented solution, spanning an accident reporting feature, repair and maintenance closed-loop system and mechanic login feature. FLEET XTREME allows for the uploading of company documents so its customers can better manage their policies and procedures with the Gorilla Saefty app. Gorilla Safety’s affordably priced PRIME8 ELD is a lean and efficient system designed to meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ELD requirements.  It includes Gorilla Safety’s dashboard feature along with logs, users lists and details, vehicle lists and details and key alerts. It also includes GPS tracking and daily logs for drivers with storage capabailty of up to six months online. Many fleet companies are preparing for the FMCSA’s impending December 18, 2017 deadline when ELDs become mandatory for motor carriers and commercial drivers. According to the FMCSA, an ELD must automatically record drivers’ time behind the wheel and other hours-of-service (HOS) data. This capability allows for easier, more accurate HOS recordkeeping, making it simpler for commercial vehicle operators to create precise reports. An ELD monitors a vehicle’s engine to capture data on whether the engine is running, whether the vehicle is moving, miles driven and duration of engine operation (engine hours). “Motor carriers are still researching which ELD to implement and scrambling to meet the FMCSA regulation deadline. When providers claim they are ‘self certified,’ it does not necessarily mean they are meeting the specific requirements of the FMCSA mandate. We have seen motor carriers receive fines because the ELD they have deployed does not meet these standards and is driver-controlled. We believe motor carriers must perform their due diligence to ensure the ELD vendor they choose is in fact in compliance with the FMCSA ELD mandate requirements. Gorilla Safety’s ELD is cost-effective, efficient and innovative. Having spent decades involved in the fleet industry, I can easily recognize the necessary ELD capabilities and advancements, and found all these in Gorilla Safety’s solution. We are pleased to roll it out amongst our customers because we know it is compliant,” explained Mike Honeycutt, president at Transafe, Inc. In addition to the reselling arrangment, Transafe owns a trucking company, Transafe Carriers, and will also be rolling out Gorilla Safety’s ELD’s across its own fleet. “We look forward to delivering our advanced Fleet Management and ELD products to Transafe customers to ensure they not only meet DOT requirements but also help them to automate the traditional, paper-laden record-keeping process associated with driver logs and records. Our patented solution is second to none when it comes to tracking DVIRs and the complete repair process.  This is critical in keeping a fleet compliant,” stated Mark Walton, co-founder and chief executive officer at Gorilla Safety. “We are confident that both Transafe customers as well as Transafe’s own fleet will benefit from and recognize the differences when using our ELD solution, which is amongst the most advanced one available in the marketplace today. We look forward to our new relationship with Transafe,” Walton said.