The Global Project Logistics Network is admitted to the heavy lift professional body

The Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN) announced that it has been admitted to the American-based Specialized Carriers and Riggers Association (SC&RA).

'We are very proud to be a part of SC&RA,' said Gary Dale Cearley, Executive Director of GPLN, 'I know it sounds funny that a network would join an association but from our perspective it makes total sense.' This is a group of project specialists at the end of the day and we are very serious about the industry so we should take our place beside them.'

Cearley went on to explain the difference in the type organizations the two are.' 'GPLN is a network and SC&RA is an association,' said Cearley, 'GPLN focuses on promoting business between the members, building a common brand and promoting our members directly at conferences and exhibitions around the world.' An association helps to develop and promote an industry as a whole rather than a group of like minded companies within an industry.'

Cearley iterated that two groups have lots that they can offer one another in their areas of expertise as both grow.' 'I look forward to our involvement in SC&RA.' They are a very worthwhile organization.'

The Global Projects Logistics Network (GPLN) is the premier non-exclusive professional project logistics network of independent companies (including project forwarders and project charterers) who are specializing in the movement and handling of international project cargo by air, sea and land as well as specialized lifts and the special handling of oversized, out-of-gauge and heavy lift cargo.