Software enhancements leverage data to enable rapid identification and implementation of best freight lane matching opportunities

Green Bay, WI  – Lanehub, a collaborative transportation network that enables shippers or carriers to match recurring freight lanes based on long-term direct partnerships, today announced several significant enhancements to its software that will greatly improve collaboration for member companies.

“With the new capabilities we’re introducing we’re addressing what our customers and our internal team identified as enhancements that will allow partners on the Lanehub network to collaborate more efficiently,” said Mark Hackl, CEO and founder of Lanehub. “Lanehub members will now have a better understanding of operational matches, requirements and constraints, more up-to-date and accurate data, and require less time and effort to use the software to greatly enhance collaboration.”

New and enhanced capabilities of the Lanehub platform include:

  • The addition of shipment level detail for reviewing matches with other companies by season, day of week, current cost and carrier allocation, and timing for round trip analysis 
  • The frequent automatic refreshing of up-to-date lane data to improve accuracy
  • Ledger-like technology to track and allocate revenue sharing benefits

Ongoing growth on the Lanehub collaborative transportation network is being driven by its ability to improve capacity utilization and reduce costs for logistics operations, and private and dedicated fleets. In the first half of 2019 the number of lane matches on the network rose by 262%, driven by increases in the number of fleets, lanes and shipments among Lanehub users.