Omnitracs, a Solera company, recently announced its Intelligent Vehicle Gateway electronic logging device (ELD) has received mandatory third-party certification in Canada. The ELD mandate requires working Canadian fleets to be fitted with certified ELDs by June 12th 2022 (22 devices have so far received certification). Fleets are also advised to implement ELD technology as soon as possible to keep potential service disruptions and violations at bay.

Upgrading hours of service (HOS) records

Transport Canada have changed the Commercial Vehicle Drivers’ Hours of Service (HOS) regulations to now require federally-regulated vehicles and drivers to replace paper logs used to record HOS with ELDs assessed and certified by a reputable third-party certification organization. Additionally, any existing electronic recording devices or software also needs to be replaced or upgraded with a certified ELD. Omnitracs’ ELD, in particular, has received certification from FPInnovations.

Preventing driver fatigue

By accurately tracking drivers’ HOS, ELDs are used to prevent fatigue and therefore avoid collisions on the road. Canada’s ELD mandate has been a long time coming; it was in development for around six years before finally being adopted in June 2019 and will extend to all federally-regulated vehicles by June 2022. In comparison, ELDs have been mandatory in the U.S. since 2017, while the UK has mandated digital tachographs in all commercial vehicles since 2006. While both ELDs and digital tachographs log HOS, digital tachographs also record extra details. With a digital tachograph, the date and time, along with specific driver activity (working, driving, or taking a break, for example) is also recorded.

Championing safety and compliance

“Safety and compliance are at the heart of everything we do at Omnitracs. Omnitracs’ IVG ELD has passed extensive and thorough testing with an accredited certification body to confirm compliance with the ELD technical standards,” said Michael Ahart, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Solera. “This certification further strengthens our commitment to provide reliable technology infrastructure to fleets, enabling our customers to continue operating confidently and meeting their compliance obligations. I thank all our customers for their continued trust in Omnitracs and welcome others to work with our team to evaluate an Omnitracs’ ELD solution that suits their business needs.”

Ultimately, with Omnitracs’ ELD now certified, fleet operators have more options in the journey toward total compliance. ELDs play a key role in ensuring driver safety and efficiency in a commercial environment and Canada’s ELD mandate is set to do just that.