Springfield, NJ - At company headquarters, QEI, LLC announced the immediate availability of The MicroPAQ-940P, enabling owners of any existing SCADA systems the ability to gather data in even the harshest or confined environments. With both Ethernet and serial points for communication and a sleek 8.13” W by 5.5” H QEI customers are now able to send data to Masters Stations and IEDS (Intelligent Electron Devices) previously believed to be unreachable.

“Gas Pressure, Water Pressure, Transformers, the applications are almost limitless,” said Normand Lavoie, President at QEI, LLC.

Many customers have already benefited from deploying The MicroPAQ-940P. Even before its formal release one of our major utility partners in the Northeast has already committed to implementing The MicroPAQ-940Pto all of their Mater Stations in the network. The MicroPAQ-940P will enable them to gather pertinent data in even the most adverse conditions.

The MicroPAQ-940P is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of QEI, LLC’s commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation. The MicroPAQ-940P is immediately available, you can request more information by calling us directly at 973-379-7400 or visiting our website at www.QEIINC.COM

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