With new CEO and labor services partner  McAllen, TX and Atlanta, GA - September 19, 2017:  ScanTech Sciences, Inc. today announced completion of two critical  milestones towards opening it's first Electronic Cold-Pasteurization™ (ECP™) food treatment center in McAllen, Texas. The company has appointed Dwayne House as Chief Executive Officer. It has also selected managed labor services provider FHI (Freight Handlers Inc.),  to help staff and operate the ECP facility.  ECP is a clean alternative to outdated postharvest treatments such as methyl bromide or hot water treatment, and results in pest sterilization, pathogen reduction, and shelf-life extension. Under the leadership of Mr. House, ScanTech Sciences will further its mission to improve produce quality and safety, helping the entire food chain deliver fresher, higher quality fruits and vegetables. "With over 25 years of international transactional and operational experience, Dwayne is the perfect fit for leading ScanTech through a pivotal time as we staff up to become fully operational in McAllen and implement our expansion strategy with additional locations," said Dolan Falconer, ScanTech Sciences co-founder and Chairman of the Board. "I'm honored to be selected to guide ScanTech as we deliver a far superior option for food treatment to the industry," said Dwayne House, CEO. "Our team will be ready to help growers, wholesalers and retailers  provide consumers with higher quality and safer produce." The McAllen facility will treat produce traveling to and from the United States and Mexico. Partnering with FHI, ScanTech Sciences will provide its advanced ECP treatment as part of an integrated program that includes logistics services such as expediting border crossing and USDA processes, product traceability, and smart palletizing along with information services such as document management and shipment visibility.  "We are excited to partner with ScanTech Sciences to introduce a new era in food pasteurization and integrated logistics services," said Reid Durst, President & COO of FHI. "Our teams are working together closely to prepare for the opening of ScanTech's McAllen food treatment facility early next year."  The ScanTech Sciences facility brings 175+ jobs to the Rio Grande valley with open positions in the McAllen facility ranging from operations managers, to plant engineers to warehouse supervisors and staff as well as forklift operators. ScanTech Sciences and FHI will host a hiring open house on Tuesday, September 26 from 6-8pm at the McAllen Convention Center. An industry leader in supply chain services since 1991, FHI offers comprehensive distribution and managed labor services to several of the nation's most admired grocery retailers. FHI will exceed 1 million annual hours of produce specific activity this year and is on pace to handle over 1.3 billion cases. FHI will handle an additional 275 million cases within produce departments. In addition, FHI is expected to process an additional 45 million cases through the ScanTech Sciences facility in 2018.  FHI provides services in the following areas: logistics services, shipping products, and in-store merchandising and replenishment. They assist retailers, manufacturers and brokers with streamlining efficiencies and overcoming supply chain challenges. The company has been recognized nine times as one of the top 50 privately held companies in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.