New content includes weather hazard alerting and predictive weather reporting  Fairfax, VA - TrafficLand, the largest V2I aggregator of live traffic video, announced today an agreement with Weather Telematics to integrate and resell its proprietary all hazards and predictive weather data designed to improve mobility safety, media reporting and public agency situational awareness.  The new Weather Telematics data, combined with the video verification provided by TrafficLand’s network of over 25,000 state and local Department of Transportation roadway traffic cameras, and other TrafficLand partner data sources, creates one of the most complete resources available for all hazard weather data affecting driver safety.  TrafficLand and Weather Telematics content is available across the U.S. and from a growing list of markets internationally.   The data is available via several platforms, including API and map-based services. “Partnering with TrafficLand is a natural fit for Weather Telematics,” said President and CEO Bob Moran, Weather Telematics.  “TrafficLand has the largest network of live roadway traffic cameras by far, and when it comes to safeguarding drivers, delivering weather alerts with real-time video provides a more complete picture about ground level conditions.”         “Since its founding in 2001, TrafficLand has been on a mission to help raise awareness about roadway travel conditions,” said Lawrence Nelson, CEO of TrafficLand.  “This new content from Weather Telematics is an important addition to the advanced AI and machine learning-based ground level information that is helping to increase travel safety by revolutionizing so many industries and interactions.”