Wallenius Wilhelmsen has partnered with Einride, a freight mobility company, that will provide electric and digital technology to develop a sustainable mobility solution for Keen Transport’s fleet. Einride will deploy an initial fleet of three Class eight heavy duty trucks and the charging infrastructure needed to power the fleet. Einride Saga, the freight mobility platform, will power the fleet to unlock efficiencies and reduce administrative hurdles.

The fleet will be used for shuttle runs between the port of Savannah and Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s nearby processing center in Pooler, Georgia.

“Deploying Einride electric vehicles for heavy haul lanes, the first Keen fleet to do so, truly showcases the extensive potential in electrifying the industrial industry, " said Niklas Reinedahl, GM North America of Einride. “By partnering with industry giants like Wallenius Wilhelmsen to make the switch to electric and digital shipping, we make it clear how heavy road freight can become sustainable today.”

Mike Rye – senior vice president high & heavy services, North America – said it was crucial to ensure the electric trucks could support the size of the loads and the complete the turnaround times of the existing trucks.

“The average loads we haul for the construction and mining industry are large and heavy. We have run numerous tests to determine the load capacity and charging needs so that we can continue to operate in the efficient and timely manner that our customers are accustomed to,” says Rye.

For now, the trucks will be used for machines and parts loads of less than 80,000 pounds. The trucks will haul loads using Keen’s existing fleet of specialized trailers. Drivers will enjoy the perks of having a new truck with the latest safety features.

Einride’s turnkey solution enabled a quick transition and ramp up the use of the electric trucks in Savannah. Einride will continue to support the trucks throughout their working life through ongoing insights provided via Einride Saga as well as driver training, truck maintenance and dispatch services.

“Wallenius Wilhelmsen is excited by the opportunity to make an environmental difference in a community that has welcomed and supported the logistics industry for many years. This investment is a commitment to ensuring future prosperity for the greater Savannah community,” says Hynekamp.