MIAMI FL. - WCA is preparing for its largest gathering of independent freight forwarders at its 10th Annual Worldwide conference in Singapore, March 4 – 8. The conference, which will attract more than 2,800 members, will be a celebration of powerful partnerships and continued business expansion.

“Every year, more and more members attend our annual conference, but this year, we expect to set a new record,” said Dan March, CEO of WCA. “To accommodate more attendees, we’ve added an extra day of One-on-One meetings to give delegates even more chances to connect.”

At this year’s conference, members will participate in over 100,000 One-on-One meetings designed to cultivate new connections and help companies expand their global reach. Going further, the 10th Annual Conference will showcase a variety of products created to enhance business operations. One such product, FreightSnap Asia, will be on site to showcase its cost-effective weight, measurement and data storage solutions; the company is WCA’s number one recommended freight dimensioner and is both tested and approved by members.

The WCA eCommerce network will also play a powerful role at the 10th Annual Worldwide conference. Two years ago, WCA launched the world’s first eCommerce network, this year, the conference will host educational workshops and think-tanks for the many delegates already working in, or interested in, the sector.

“The 10th Annual Conference is a big deal for the eCommerce movers,” said Alex Allen, Director of WCA eCommerce. “As an established network, we can provide tangible benefits to all delegates, regardless of their experience in eCommerce logistics. Our goal is simple, to prepare all members for what is, undeniably, the future of freight forwarding.”

WCA will resurrect its annual Football tournament this year to provide another platform for members to form new business connections and solidify existing relationships. As an added promotional benefit, WCA partner Fenix XCell is offering custom branded apparel to interested delegates.

“Our goal this year is to offer even more business support and network opportunities to our members,” said David Yokeum, founder and chairman of WCA. “Their success is our success.”

WCA’s 10th Annual Worldwide Conference will kick of Sunday, March 4, 2018 with a plenary session and cocktail reception.