Bangkok, Thailand - X2’s CEO Richard Overton added ” We are extremely happy to be working in partnership with selected global professional service providers like Nacora Insurance, that can enhance and benefit X2 members as part of our vision to continually improve and to implement and deliver added value solutions for the group.

Nacora Insurance Brokers, who is global vendor for insurance of X2 Group carried to carry out a South American X2 Cargo Protect Road trip to Colombia, Argentina and Brazil first week of December. Nacora’s Global Head of Marine Cargo Insurance visited jointly together with its representatives from Nacora’s National Offices truly committed X2 network members. The purpose of this trip was to learn their businesses and show how X2 Cargo Protect can help them to their risks and at same time increasing its yields in a volatile market environment.

Nacora shared its X2 Cargo Protect solution on how our X2 Network Members could proactively provide X2 Cargo Protect along with its logistics solutions. Its unique platform for X2 members is built on 6 key elements to improve the day to day operations of X2 Cargo Protect.

All of us at Nacora were incredibly impressed of the businesses X2 member’s presented for us and pleased of the productive discussion’s and further aligned actions the X2 Network Members presented for us said Jens Weir, Global Head for Nacora Group’s Cargo Insurance division.

X2 Logistics Networks is composed of multiple groups of global logistics professionals and independent freight forwarders who are experts in their fields and specialties.