North Shore Terminal handles aggregate and other bulk materials, but the company has big plans for the future.

North Shore Terminal for years has been used to receive and distribute sand, and aggregate materials.

Carver Companies, the pioneer of integrative solutions on land and sea which is based in Coeymans, N.Y., near Albany, has planted its flag in New York City, on the North Shore of the borough of Staten Island. Carver Laraway, owner of Carver Companies, partnered with Kim Corbett, owner of Corbett Companies, to acquire the marine terminal to handle aggregate and other bulk materials and distribute them in the New York-New Jersey area.

The partners have big plans for the possible future uses of the terminal. President of Sales and Business Development, Stephen Kelly is pursuing the possibility of marshalling components for the regional offshore wind energy industry at the terminal, as well as handling a variety of bulk and breakbulk commodities.

Carver Companies are no stranger to New York City. The multi-faceted enterprise owns quarries in upstate New York and already ships rocks and aggregate down the Hudson River on its own fleet of tugs and barges to the City, where they are used for shoreline strengthening projects, asphalt and ready mix production, and other uses.

Opportunity for Growth

The terminal itself is no stranger to the type of cargo the Carver Companies is introducing. North Shore Terminal for years has been the home base for the Corbett Companies and has been used to receive and distribute sand, and aggregate materials.

“We see this development as an opportunity for growth,” said Kelly, noting that the company has long desired to establish a presence in Staten Island. One advantage of operating out of the Staten Island facility is that Carver will no longer need to ferry its vessels back up north for minor maintenance and repairs, he noted. Another is that “the terminal is right next to the Bayonne Bridge,” said Kelly, “making it convenient to distribute cargo to New Jersey.”

Branching Out

Carver Companies started out as a construction company in upstate New York in the 1980s. It has since branched out to include real estate development, property management, mining, logistics, and stevedoring. Besides its New York State enterprises, the company also operates terminals and performs stevedoring in Charleston, South Carolina, Manatee, Florida, New Brunswick, Canada and Somerset, Massachusetts. The Canadian operations, the company’s newest, include a granite quarry, maritime terminal, tug and barge services, and warehousing.

“The Port Coeymans is our flagship and was our original port,” said Kelly. “We own all our own facilities.” The company also owns and operates an industrial park and a recreational boat marina in Coeymans.

Carver Companies is already barging aggregate downriver to the Staten Island facility. From there, the material is trucked to projects in Brooklyn, Long Island, and other points in the region.

For the future, Kelly sees the terminal as expanding way beyond handling aggregates. “We are talking to a number of offshore wind companies,” he said. “We envision the possibility of the terminal functioning as a small marshalling yard for offshore wind components.” The Carver Companies has also proposed upgrading the Port of Coeymans to enable that facility to support offshore wind projects.

Beyond aggregate and wind components, Kelly foresees the possibility of using the terminal to handle steel products from domestic manufacturers. “The terminal,” said Kelly, “has the potential to handle diverse bulk and breakbulk cargoes.”