The Carver Companies, based in Coeymans, New York, is located up the Hudson River, near Albany around 140 miles from New York City. And the company is very busy and busy in a lot of different ways. The company is basically divided into three overlapping operating arms: Construction, Maritime and Materials, as President of Sales Steve Kelly explained in an interview with the AJOT. Among the higher profile projects for Carver is the Sunrise Wind project. Although many offshore wind projects on the East Coast hit headwinds in 2023, Sunrise was able to push forward. As Kelly said of the offshore wind projects, “We’re still moving along in a positive direction with other opportunities in offshore wind.”

And among the positives was a Sunrise announcement in March of the “Record of Decision” (ROD) from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), which was a critical milestone in the federal environmental review process for the 924-megawatt offshore wind project. A significant part of the project was a $86 million supply chain contract with Riggs Distler & Company for steel manufacturing and “advanced foundation components” with work to be done at the Port of Coeymans facility run by Carver.

While the wind power projects might be the highest profile, the multi-faceted Carver Companies has a wide array of jobs that it handles – for example, “We’re also building the Portal Bridge, which is an Amtrak bridge in New Jersey that’s being assembled here currently and we’re going to be floating down three bridge sections — they’re going to be floating down the Hudson in November, December, and January,” as Kelly explained of the timeline.

Carver also owns quarries in upstate New York and ships rocks and aggregate down the Hudson River on its own fleet of tugs and barges to New York City, where they are used for shoreline strengthening projects, concrete mixing, and other uses.

And the aggregate business is going full steam ahead, “Salt was down a little bit because of the milder winter. But we still moved some, not as much as normally, Kelly noted. But Kelly said, “The aggregate business didn’t slow down, so that kept busy during the milder winter months.”

Besides a large menu of services Carver operates out of the flagship Port of Coeymans, the company also operates terminals and performs stevedoring in Charleston, S.C., Port Manatee, Florida, Staten Island, NY and New Brunswick, Canada.

And speaking of New Brunswick, Canada, Carver’s Bayside, New Brunswick operation is also busy. Kelly says “Bayside’s doing well. Adding, “They’re actively shipping quite a bit of stone to the offshore wind and to Charleston and Manatee, so that’s going very well. We’re getting busier and busier up there for the Bayside.”