PhilaPort has its sights set on growth

Up and down Philadelphia’s Delaware River terminal sites there is redevelopment, upgrades and even a new berth soon to be built – the first in fifty years. All reasons for the region’s shippers and shipping community to be optimistic about the future.
What’s in store for ’24?

Twenty-four trends, topics, and thoughts on potential headline makers for 2024
Top 20 North American ports

With the promise of greater box volumes came more investments in East Coast and Gulf ports enabling the ports to handle greater volumes more efficiently.
AJOT’s Top 100 North American Trucking Companies – with one big deletion

Yellow Freight’s demise is a big deletion in this year’s chart but still there are positives to be derived from 2023.
The big picture – Climate change and the supply chain

Can the supply chain change fast enough to halt climate change?
Reefers and decarbonization

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the world needs to decrease emissions by 45% by 2030 compared to the baseline year of 2010 to avoid a climate change calamity.
Is a new chassis business model emerging from the launch of SACP 3.0?

The chassis pool SACP 3.0 was launched in the beginning of October. Does this mark a new approach to managing chassis pools in the future?
Marine chassis providers tackling post-COVID era challenges

A new era has begun for chassis providers but it is still a work in progress.
Chassis: An overlooked aspect of intermodalism

Transitions. Often the chassis, like the equipment itself, is the piece in the story left behind when talking about trucking, particularly intermodal trucking.
Appraising the US – China trade shifts

US-China trade is shifting – but is the rate closer to a torrent or a trickle?

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