The Northeast Corridor – Money is the “M” in Megalopolis

The NEC, or as French-Ukraine geographer Jean Gottmann dubbed the Northeast Atlantic coast region in his 1961 study “The Megalopolis”, is one of the world’s greatest economic zones.
Descartes’ Chris Jones explains what’s behind the numbers

Chris Jones is EVP of industry and services at Descartes-Datamyne, a company that produces high quality trade intelligence, particularly on international ocean container shipping. In an interview with the AJOT, Jones lends his interpretation to the data concerning some notable shipping trends.
Are containership operators nearing an inflection point?

Are containership operators entering uncharted waters? With a heavy orderbook, new regulatory and environmental regimes and carriers looking to expand on the traditional business model, the future may not be business as usual.
2023 – The year of the auto industry comeback?

Is 2023 the Comeback Year for the Auto Industry? Is it the real deal or a post-pandemic teaser?
AJOT’s 2023 Top 100 Importers

The AJOT’s Top 100 Importers chart featured annually for over two decades in the “Top North American Importers and Exporters” edition highlights the largest “importers” in terms of TEUs (Twenty-foot-equivalent units).
Descartes on U.S. container import trends

Descartes Datamyne maintains the world’s largest searchable trade database, covering 230 markets in five continents. The collected data is used by many companies and public entities and is recognized as one of the most authoritative sources on international trade trends.
Is a restructuring of the trucking industry underway?

A quick glance at AJOT’s Top 100 North American Trucking Companies isn’t very revealing, it looks much the same as it did before COVID.
Going green: Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today

The greening of the supply chain is essential if the world is to achieve the limit of 1.5-degree C, necessary to counter the impacts of global warming. With time running short, can the supply chain go green?
AAL’s Hansen confident in the MPV market

Henrik Hansen, General Manager, AAL Americas, noted in an interview with the AJOT while acknowledging the global economic challenges facing the industry, and confidence in the MPV sector.
Global terminal operators eye new investments

On October 25th TradePoint Atlantic and Terminal Investment Ltd. (TIL) announced a joint partnership to build a 165-acre container terminal and on-dock rail facility.

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