Bumps in the road for automakers in 2022

It looks like 2022 is another bump in the road for global automakers as lockdowns, chip shortages, inflation, rising interest rates, the war in Ukraine and anti-globalization sentiments have combined to dampen automakers’ forecasts for the year. But now, nearly halfway through 2022, what about 2023?

EVs and an emerging supply chain
Russian–Ukraine conflict impacts on the auto market

The Russian invasion of Ukraine triggered a variety of responses from supply chain providers and automakers.
CCM’s CEO Mike Wilson talks chassis

Mike Wilson is the CEO of Consolidated Chassis Management, better known as CCM and is, as the name implies, is a chassis management business.
Containership operators peak on a historic wave

Persistent problems in the supply chain have sparked new OSRA legislation and in the shipping industry what goes up usually comes down.
Four corners of the container

It’s all about the container. In a sense the ship, the truck and even trains are just interchangeable pieces of the delivery system – it’s really all about getting the container from factory to warehouse and back again for reloading. A simple concept for an inherently complex business.
The tripartite of ocean carrier alliances face multitude of challenges

The ocean carrier alliances control over 80% of the trade. But challenges both from ongoing supply chain disruptions and a new regulatory agenda could alter the way alliances operate.
Northeast ports: Expanding infrastructure and seeking new opportunities

Northeast ports are building with purpose as new infrastructure takes shape and new business opportunities appear with offshore wind power.
QDC’s King outlines developments at Quonset Business Park

Steven King is the managing director of Quonset Development Corporation (QDC) which manages Quonset Business Park (QBP), a 3,200 acre business park located on Quonset Point, (North Kingstown) Rhode Island.
AAL’s Schoeller talks about the global business and new ships

Felix Schoeller, Commercial Director, AAL Shipping (AAL) discusses new ships and prospects for the project sector.

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