Tapping the brakes on auto industry recovery in 2022

After a bumpy ride in 2022, will the auto industry roll around in ’23?
Russian invasion of Ukraine sparks “conflicted” outlook for forest products

When Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine on February 24th, an uneasy quasi-war instantly become an all-out shooting conflict, triggering a cavalcade of unforeseen consequences not only for the warring parties, but the entire world.
AAL’s Morland “bullish” on project investment

Mike Morland, General Manager AAL Shipping Americas, is bullish on the expansion of the “project” sector and elaborates on the outlook for MPPs in a Q&A with AJOT.
Foote note

In July, the Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS) held its summer meeting in Lake Geneva, WI and the conference’s headliner was James “Jim” Foote, President and CEO of CSX Transportation.
Bromley, VP of Rail Client Services, Tideworks Technology talks intermodal

Tideworks’ Mark Bromley in an interview with AJOT talks about both the challenges and benefits derived by intermodal operations.
MPP sector in seasonal slowdown… but will it bounce back in the fall?

The multipurpose fleet with the breakbulk sector has had a good run and a seasonal slowdown might be just that. But with COVID impacts and a multitude of other disruptive factors, nothing is a given now.
CONECT’s annual Trade & Transportation Conference speakers show the way forward

This year’s conference given the challenges the industry faces was aptly titled “The Way Forward” and a solid lineup of speakers were put in place to help show a full-house of 150 plus attendees the path ahead.
Notes on AJOT’s Annual Top 100 Containerports A–Z

This year’s AJOT’s Top 100 Containerports A–Z is notable for a number of reasons. It is clear from the numbers that volumes are up at ports around the world. It is also obvious that supply chain disruptions have hit the ports hard and containerships sitting at anchor awaiting berths have become a regular feature of port operations.
Top 50 Logistics Tech Providers offers a glimpse into the future of the supply chain

The list, which easily could have contained two hundred Tech companies, was whittled down in part with the object of looking forward to a different supply chain than exists today.
QDC’s King outlines developments at Quonset Business Park

Steven King is the managing director of Quonset Development Corp (QDC) which manages Quonset Business Park (QBP) a 3,200 acre business park located on Quonset Point, (North Kingstown) Rhode Island. Besides the 200 plus companies located within the QBP is the Port of Davisville, one of the country’s top auto ports with numbers over 300,000 in most years, although with COVID and other disruptions the Port slipped under 200,000 in 2021.

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