Appraising the US – China trade shifts

US-China trade is shifting – but is the rate closer to a torrent or a trickle?
Labor Day 2023: What a difference a year makes

Last September the American Journal of Transportation released a Labor Day Special report entitled Recruiting, Retraining and Retaining Supply Chain Professionals.
The highly specialized business of transporting yachts

Miami-based Florida Maritime Transport (FMT) moves yachts all over the world. And as Founder and CEO Dmitry Faber explains in an exclusive interview with AJOT, it is a highly specialized niche of the heavy lift/project cargo market.
Logistics real estate: High demand, multiple roles and scarcity of property

The logistics real estate niche is still simmering in an otherwise tepid real estate market. The logic defying mystery of the market begs the question, if it is still simmering in today’s economic environment, what will it do in ’24?
Nearshoring boosts logistics real estate market

Nearshoring in Mexico is booming but a Prologis study suggest this is only the beginning.
Measured growth spurt for reefers?

Greg Tuthill, Senior VP CCO of SeaCube Containers discusses the current reefer market and the potential impact of new technologies on the business.
Commentary: AJOT’s top 100 container ports

This year’s “Top 100 Container Ports” annual edition again surveys the world’s largest box ports. While some of the results are as expected — Shanghai is still world’s largest container port — there are a number of up and coming ports that reflect new trends in the container trades.
The supply chain’s digital transformation

Moving freight, especially moving freight internationally, has always engendered complexities that demanded technological solutions.
Celico delivers masterclass in US-China trade relations at CONECT Conference

Amy Celico, principal at the Albright Stonebridge Group [part of Dentons Global Advisors] was a featured speaker at the annual CONECT (Coalition of New England Companies for Trade) Trade & Transportation Conference in Newport, Rhode Island April 11-13, 2023.
Growing pain: Latin American economies struggling to find growth

Can “nearshoring” help relieve the continual growth struggles in Latin America?

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