Chile presents model of efficiency in vaccine logistics effort

How Chile’s cool logistics efficiency met the vaccination challenge.
Biden Administration hits reset button for international trade

The Biden Administration will have to address numerous trade related issues in the coming months. It’s expected the administration will make moves back to a multilateral trading system but what will that mean in real world terms?
New Brexit-era regulations add “red tape” and confusion to EU-UK trade

While this could just be a case of early teething problems, logistics specialists and trade analysts fear it’s more likely a portent of the difficulties to come moving cargo to and from Britain.
Is the electric semi ready to charge down a highway near you?

No doubt the electric semi is on its way, but it may take some time to replace the ubiquitous tractor trailers churning over the nation’s freeways. But by the late 2030s the sound of the grinding grunt of diesels may be replaced by the near-silent whirr of electric motors.
No-deal Brexit “carnage” for logistics’ sector

European Union and British negotiators continue last-ditch efforts to fashion a free-trade pact. Otherwise, the United Kingdom will start the new year with what is called a no-deal Brexit, a nightmare of tariffs-laden trade that would batter the UK economy and depress commerce in Europe as a whole.
Fuel cells may provide jolt to switch from diesel to electric

Last month, two vehicle manufacturing giants threw down markers for hydrogen-propelled, heavy-duty trucks. These are an alternative type of zero-emission vehicle that uses hydrogen gas as a fuel source, converted into electricity through fuel cells.

Europe’s super grid
Vulnerability of the grid and climate change
Power gridlock – The challenge of rebuilding the US power grid

The U.S. power grid is millions of miles long, contains countless pieces of equipment, serves nearly 230 million people and is magnificently deficient in upkeep. Analysts are engaged in multitrillion-dollar debate whether the grid needs rebuilding or replacement. And every day, new power sources are coming online that need to be incorporated into the grid – many of them renewables like wind and solar, never envisioned as becoming a “democratized” feature of the power grid. But now one thing is a certain, the power grid needs attention and it will be costly, the largest project and likely most expensive “project” in U.S. history.
The redefining of “intermodal”

Intermodal transportation is being redefined as the modality freight movement shifts – but what will emerge as the new “intermodal” model is still a work in progress.

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