Trade uncertainties have gone global

As 2020 approaches, the only certainty for trade is uncertainty. So, is this the New Abnormal?
The Brexit reality: Now comes the hard part

Prime Minister Boris Johnson should be able to pass easily through Parliament a Brexit-related law and take Britain out of the EU by January 31, 2020, the deadline demanded by other European leaders.
Port of Eemshaven shows the profit in going green

The far northern Netherlands port of Eemshaven has ridden to great success the rapid rise of offshore wind development and concurrent electricity generation.
Port of Flevokust Haven built to serve the wind

Flevokust Haven, the Netherlands’ newest port, is a mere speck of land compared to its enormous counterparts in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. However, this inland port on the country’s largest lake is as aggressively pursuing renewable energy-related business as are the bigger ports.
The Netherland’s ports are trying to balance traditional energy business and renewables

Renewables, particularly offshore wind power are big business for the ports of the Netherlands. But so are the traditional energy businesses that are mainstays in ports like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Europe’s largest. It is a tough balancing act not only for the ports but all the stakeholders.
FlowerWatch sets cool chain benchmarks for flowers

As the cut flower industry has steadily migrated from local to regional to global, cold chains have had to adapt big time. FlowerWatch, a Dutch-Kenyan company, is at the forefront of setting industry standards for this supply chain.
Royal FloraHolland’s cool logistics

What if you had to move 10 million cut flowers a day in and out of a complex with over 1,000 truck docks – how would you do it? Netherlands-based Royal FloraHolland wrestles with the complex logistics of moving that quantity to destinations to retailers in Europe, North America and Asia.
Rethinking used vehicle logistics

Hauling new and used cars from dealer to dealer, from auction sight to dealer, from online dealer to customer, is one of those massive logistics activities hiding in plain sight. In the US alone, some 60 million new and used cars are sold every year, and each one is moved multiple times before the consumer takes his or her vehicle out on its initial spin.
Automakers playing catchup for EVs supply chain

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rolling out of automaker plants around the world. But there’s a problem. The supply chain that has worked so well, for so long, building internal combustion machines, doesn’t work for EVs. So, what’s next?
Taiwan’s offshore wind industry ready for launch

Next March, Taiwan is embarking on the construction of an 80 wind turbine, 640 MW wind farm - Asia-Pacific’s largest.

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