Vulnerability of the grid and climate change
Power gridlock – The challenge of rebuilding the US power grid

The U.S. power grid is millions of miles long, contains countless pieces of equipment, serves nearly 230 million people and is magnificently deficient in upkeep. Analysts are engaged in multitrillion-dollar debate whether the grid needs rebuilding or replacement. And every day, new power sources are coming online that need to be incorporated into the grid – many of them renewables like wind and solar, never envisioned as becoming a “democratized” feature of the power grid. But now one thing is a certain, the power grid needs attention and it will be costly, the largest project and likely most expensive “project” in U.S. history.
The redefining of “intermodal”

Intermodal transportation is being redefined as the modality freight movement shifts – but what will emerge as the new “intermodal” model is still a work in progress.
Omni TRAX Savannah facility encapsulates new possibilities for “intermodal”

Later this year, OmniTRAX is scheduled to inaugurate an innovative facility it is constructing some 12 miles from the Port of Savannah. It’s the focal point of a mammoth industrial park development’s first phase, tethered to a proximity to the port and two Class One railroads that traverse the property.
Covid-19’s impact on warehousing might last longer than the pandemic

The Covid-19 impact on warehousing and distribution could well outlast the pandemic itself, as new sourcing options, altered supply chains and a new wave of warehouses and distribution centers closer to consumers emerge.
When the supply chain’s stressed, it pays to have a solid platform

Descartes System Group’s logistics platform supports a wide range of businesses that in good times customers expect to perform well and in times of stress on the supply chain…even better.
SMC3 helps truckers stay ahead in the era of COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has totally reshaped supply and demand for LTL trucking in the US. SMC3’s software has helped shippers and carriers cope with the pandemics’ supply chain complexities.
Northwest Seaport Alliance building for healthier trade

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Washington State hard, and Northwest Seaport Alliance composed of the ports of Seattle and Tacoma has borne the brunt of severe downturn in Asian trade along with the challenges closer to home. But amidst the turmoil, the ports are building for a healthier future.
Keeping the Alaskan supply chains running

Alaska - a tough place to operate even in the best of times. And with COVID-19 these aren’t the best of times. But Lynden, Inc. is keeping the supply chain running in Alaska.
Gourmet chocolate, a sweet business for Ecuador

In a small hotel lounge in the Ecuadorian capital of Quito one bright morning a few weeks back, Mario Ramache poured small disks of chocolate into bowls and laid them out in front of two appreciative visitors.

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