Bistate port expands impact on economies in three states
Business is up and the impact study by the New York Shipping Association Inc. (NYSA) shows impressive increases in jobs and revenue for the region.
Southern California Teamsters seek “employee” recognition for harbor truckers
A watershed battle between the Teamsters Union and Pacific 9 Transportation in Southern California may be the tipping point in the union’s efforts to force harbor-trucking companies to reclassify drivers from independent contractors to employees.
Review: “Port Town” a history of Port of Long Beach
f you are looking for a Christmas present for that special someone who works in the U.S. maritime or port related industries, then the new book Port Town, published by the Port of Long Beach, will be a good investment.
SCPA refrigerated cargo grows rapidly
Refrigerated cargo is a rapidly growing business for the SCPA, primarily through exports of poultry and agriculture products. Refrigerated cargo volumes increased 35% from 2011 to 2014 (calendar years).
When is a real Project - a project?
When Global Shipping Services Project Director Jim Zino got a call from a satisfied customer with the question, "Are you ready to move more helicopters?" He was ready.
CMA CGM Vivaldi launches new big boxship era at Halifax
A new era has been launched at the deep water Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia with the arrival on August 3 of the CMA CGM Vivaldi at Halterm International Container Terminal. The 8478-TEU, 334-metre long Vivaldi is the largest container vessel to berth at Halterm and on Canada’s East Coast. Up till now, the biggest container vessels calling at Halifax were in the 7500-TEU range.
PNW Gateway Decision Very Near
Commissioners representing the ports of Seattle and Tacoma met July 28, 2015, to discuss details to be discussed August 4, 2015, to vote on the fate of the proposed Seaport Alliance.
Get me past the Greek
Back in 2010, ironically about the same time as Greece agreed to the EU backed bailout program, “Get him to the Greek” was a rock (hardly Greek) comedy. But at this moment in time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and indeed most of the leaders in the EU [especially Francois Hollande, President of France], would simply like to get past the Greeks and move on.
AG exporters demand change from PMA and ILWU
Agricultural exporters and truckers attending the Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AgTC) annual meeting in San Francisco expressed anger and frustration about losses and delays incurred during the recent cargo handling slow down at West Coast ports.
Port of Wilmington gets a visit from Congress to assess harbor improvement needs
The Port of Wilmington hosted a scenic port tour for Congressman David Rouzer (R) and Bill Shuster (R), Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, to help assess the progress and needs of the port.

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