Looking for America: Port Cooperation - is it a sign of the times?
Have mega-ship alliances hastened the age of the “Mega-Port”?
World Shipping Council’s Koch Predicts “Very Challenging” 2016
Ocean carriers - and by extension, shippers - will be facing “very challenging and competitive” conditions in 2016, according to Christopher Koch, Senior Advisor at the World Shipping Council.
Book Review: Terminal Island: Lost Communities of Los Angeles Harbor
Terminal Island is a largely artificial island located in Los Angeles County, California, between the city of Los Angeles and the city of Long Beach.
Looking for America: Highways and Bi-ways in the Drive Act
I recently took a road trip from Connecticut to Iowa to connect with old college friends. While construction annoyed and delayed our travel it was a welcome sight considering that construction in and around major cities means that future travel will be smoother.
Teamsters expand Labor actions at ports of LA/LB
The Teamsters Union has expanded labor actions from its on-going strike at Pacific 9 Transportation to include three other harbor trucking companies serving the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, according to Barb Maynard, spokeswoman for the Teamsters Port Division.
Panama:  A Growing Transshipment Opportunity
For more than 100 years, the Panama Canal has served the world’s maritime trade industry—shortening time and distance between producers and consumers.
Bistate port expands impact on economies in three states
Business is up and the impact study by the New York Shipping Association Inc. (NYSA) shows impressive increases in jobs and revenue for the region.
Southern California Teamsters seek “employee” recognition for harbor truckers
A watershed battle between the Teamsters Union and Pacific 9 Transportation in Southern California may be the tipping point in the union’s efforts to force harbor-trucking companies to reclassify drivers from independent contractors to employees.
Review: “Port Town” a history of Port of Long Beach
f you are looking for a Christmas present for that special someone who works in the U.S. maritime or port related industries, then the new book Port Town, published by the Port of Long Beach, will be a good investment.
SCPA refrigerated cargo grows rapidly
Refrigerated cargo is a rapidly growing business for the SCPA, primarily through exports of poultry and agriculture products. Refrigerated cargo volumes increased 35% from 2011 to 2014 (calendar years).

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