Effective today, Diana Kaufmann has been appointed President Central Europe, Global Risk Management and HR Development for deugro.

Throughout her career, Diana Kaufmann has acquired a wide range of skills and experience that makes her an excellent candidate for the position of President. In addition to being responsible for deugro in Germany and France, dib Deutsche Insurance Broker GmbH(dib), the Contract Management division and deugro’s Global Human Resource development as a distinct subsection of Global Human Resources, she will be managing Sales and Business Development in Austria and Switzerland.

To build a successful career, or to develop a successful human resources strategy, it is imperative that professionals have access to opportunities for continuous professional development, succession planning, and knowledge transfer. Due to the diversity of the industry, it can be difficult to define a career path in the global project logistics sector, particularly at a time when new graduates are seeking definition, commitment and certainty.

Diana Kaufmann has been appointed President Central Europe

A successful project logistics operation requires professionals with a positive attitude, values and work ethic. It is possible and of great value to hire and develop resources based on mindset, instead of just on skills or experience. Retaining strong employees is the next challenge after attracting and developing them.

“To support this journey, deugro stresses the importance of gaining a broad knowledge base of project management methodologies, tools and practices. The company places a strong emphasis on digitalization and automation in order to handle supply chains and deliver project logistics in a way that is compatible with the new and old ways of doing things,” said Simon Wasum, COO, deugro.

He goes on to add: “We strongly believe that Diana is the best candidate to fulfill her new role as President Central Europe, Global Risk Management and HR Development, and to help deugro develop further—both in terms of our clients as well as our most important asset: our employees.”