Oracle Veteran Beefs Up Navis Line-Up

In 2016, Raj Gupta was appointed Navis chief technology officer and senior vice president of engineering after a twenty-year career in Silicon Valley, including positions at Silicon Graphics and at Oracle.
NAVIS President Urges Terminals and Carriers to Increase Digitization

Bernard de la Tour, president of maritime software provider Navis, urged port and terminal operation participants at the Navis World 2017 conference in San Francisco to prepare for a major investment in digitization by ocean carriers and global terminal operators.
Navis’s XVELA Execs Offer Maritime Cloud-Based Vision

Guy Rey-Herme, President of XVELA and Robert Inchausti, Chief Technology Officer believe that XVELA’s new cloud-based system will revolutionize maritime operations by providing improved communication between ship stowage and terminal cargo handling.
US West Coast Ports Increase Market Share in 2016

U.S. West Coast ports increased their market share in 2016 indicating losses to East Coast and Gulf ports are being reversed.
PMSA warns about trade impact on ports

John McLaurin, President of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA), warned that Trump administration trade policies could have a negative impact on U.S. trade and ports.
California farmers say drought is over but regulatory constraints remain

Thanks to record 2016-2017 rainfall, the long California drought is over and California growers are feeling positive about the 2017 outlook.
Port of Long Beach predicts “modest growth” in 2017

The Port of Long Beach expects “modest growth” in 2017 after experiencing a 5.8% decline in overall container cargo in 2016, according to interim Chief Executive Duane Kenagy.
Lytle Hails Port of Oakland’s 2016 Turnaround

Port of Oakland executive director Chris Lytle said in his “State of the Port” address that “we are on a roll” as the Port racked up 2.37 million twenty foot containers in 2016, a 4% increase from 2015.

Education skills remain a challenge for warehouse & logistics development
San Joaquin executive explains e-commerce logistics revolution in CA

Mike Ammann, president & CEO of the San Joaquin Partnership says there is revolution underway in warehousing and distribution and California’s San Joaquin valley is leading the way.

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