Propeller Club and Navy League urge support for Jones Act: U.S. ports support will be critical

The International Propeller Club of the United States, in an October 11th email, urged its members to support the Navy League of the United States’ grass roots campaign asking Congress to support the Jones Act and opposing new proposals to undermine the Act
PMSA Criticizes LA/LB Clean Air Action Plan

The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) criticized a new proposed “Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP)” by the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach stating it proposes costly initiatives that will further erode the competitiveness of the two ports.
Port of Oakland On Track For 2% Growth In 2017

In an interview, Zampa said more 14,000 teu vessels are coming to Oakland with the result that there are less vessel calls but more productivity as the Port handles more containers.
Port of LA’s Seroka Projects a 9% Increase in 2017

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka told AJOT he expects a record number of containers to be handled by the Port in 2017: “We expect 2017 to be a strong year and we are looking at a 9% increase over Calendar Year 2016.”
LA Port’s Seroka Says Proposed Container Staging Facility Will Boost Productivity

The Harbor Performance Enhancement Center (HPEC), a public private partnership between the Port of Los Angeles and a consortium organized by Los Angeles financier Jonathan Rosenthal, plans a container staging terminal facility. This will increase productivity at the Port by 10% or more.
Republicans Seek recall of Democratic State Senator who voted California gas tax

Gas tax was proposed for rebuilding freeways & roads – San Pedro Ports could be impacted
Teamsters continue pickets at LA/Long Beach

Truck drivers continued picketing container terminals at the Ports of LA /Long Beach Wednesday slowing truck traffic at some terminals.
Global maritime shipping industry needs better data sharing

A new study, “Competitive Gain in the Ocean Supply Chain: Innovation That’s Driving Maritime Operational Transformation,” says that importers, exporters, container carriers, terminal operators, vessel owners and other stakeholders suffer from poor visibility and predictability around shipments and are losing money due to a lack of partner synchronization and insufficient data insight.
Agriculture exporters worry ocean carrier consolidation undermines service

A panel of agricultural exporters speaking at the Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AGTC) Annual Meeting in California on June 7th are worried that new ocean carrier alliances may be hurting service and costing shipper’s money.
Mega-container arrivals will benefit California ports

In an interview, Jock O’Connell, Beacon Economics’ international trade advisor, told AJOT that the growing number of mega-container ships that are being delivered to ocean container carriers in 2017 and beyond are bound to benefit West Coast ports, including Long Beach, Los Angeles and Oakland, because “there are no ports on the East Coast and Gulf, at present, that can handle ships of this size.”

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